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My name is Brent, and I like to make a lot of different things. I'm a theatre graduate from Birmingham-Southern College and soon will be a computer science graduate from Oregon State University. I live in Austin, Texas. As I continue to work on fun projects like apps, computer games, tabletop games, podcasts, and writing, I'll need a place to put them! That's what this website is for.

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Brent Irwin
Austin, TX, USA
(205) 908-5070



CS 344: Operating Systems C

A simple shell written in C for UNIX operating systems. I received a 100 on this project. It redirects standard input and output, supports foreground and background processes, interprets signals, ignores comments, and includes three built-in commands: exit, cd, and status.
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House of Sacrifices

CS 162: Computer Science II C++

This is a horror-themed text adventure game. I received a 110 for this project, earning extra credit for creating one of the most fun-to-play games in the class. I intend to port this game into an Twine, an HTML text-adventure engine, to make this game more accessible for my friends to play.
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CS 372: Introduction to Networking C & Python

This is a project implementing a 2-connection client-server network application using socket APIs in C and Python.
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House of Sacrifices

In this interactive fiction, you investigate a haunted house to save a baby and kill the monster that lives in its depths. You must be observant and clever to escape before midnight! (beta)


The Software of Telemedicine

Iris Telehealth Blog


A ghost story for Halloween


Flash fiction for creative writing class

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  • Brent is all the dorkiest parts of a computer nerd and and a theatre kid rolled into one.

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